Persons who were and are engaged in street protests for women’s rights and democracy in Poland – local leaders, organizers, activists and participants – are subject to different forms of harassment, including state harassment.

Polish Women’s Strike organizes run different support programmes, for which they need your donation.


Legal assistance

Legal assistance for human rights defenders harassed by the state and fundamentalists' organizations (police inquiries, persecutors' inquiries, court trials for protesting/ activism plus SLAPP lawsuits)

Legal assistance for counterstrikes

Legal assistance for counterstrikes - for assisting persons attacked with smear campaigns run in the government media/ press outlets and libel campaigns


Parasolki - PWS' social fund "the Umbrellas" for human rights defenders suffering from financial problems due their role as human rights defenders, run by PWS since June 2017, link here:


Psychopogotowie - PsychoEmergency programme (psychological and psychiatric assistance for human rights defenders experiencing burnout or/ and PTSD; national helpline number +48 511 345 740) run by PWS since November 2020, link here:

Legal assistance

Legal assistance programme for persons detained and arrested during demonstrations (in cooperation with local independent anti-rep collectives with local helplines nationwide, sponsored by PWS)


Antiburnout support group meetings and training programme for activists from PWS and other organizations.