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Join human rights defenders in Poland, who are committed to speak out despite the constant persecution by the state, police, prosecutors and far-right actors.

Say Something, Do Something.

DONATE to support legal assistance in court cases and psychological assistance for human rights defenders.

Can’t donate today? We understand! Everyone can be part of the effort to RAISE AWARENESS around the human rights emergency happening in Poland. Raise your voice and share #DefendTheDefenders to show support for those who fight for freedom, women’s rights and democratic values.

POLICY MAKERS SHOULD ACT NOW. The degradation of the rule of law is enabling attacks against human rights defenders. Politically appointed prosecutors are targeting human rights and women rights defenders, while charges for police and far-right violence are being dropped.

Women human rights defenders are fighting for a democratic Poland. They need your support.

Together you can hold the Polish government accountable for its state-led intimidation campaign and political prosecution against women human rights defenders.

We ask the EU:

  • To continue to block EU funds going to Poland, namely the COVID-19 Recovery Fund, unless there is an efficient monitoring system in place to prevent the opportunistic distribution of EU money to only government supporters that would cement authoritarian power in Poland.
We ask the European Commission:

  • to use the Rule of Law Mechanism and Annual Reports to make recommendations and hold the Polish government accountable on the separation of powers and respect for human rights, democracy and good governance to ensure a firm scrutiny against corruption.
  • to update their Reasoned Proposal on the state of the rule of law in Poland following further deterioration and breaches.
  • to fund human rights defenders and women’s rights organisations through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme, so that they can continue their work protecting EU values.
We ask EU Member States:

  • to make full use of Article 7 to hold the Polish government accountable, including to adopt a concrete Rule of Law Recommendation which the Polish government should urgently implement, and to recognize that there is a clear risk of a serious breach of the rule of law in Poland.
  • to use the new Rule of Law Mechanism and related peer review to hold the Polish government accountable.
  • to publicly denounce the actions taken by the Polish government, who violently repressed peaceful protests, continues to harass human rights defenders, and not comply with the rule of law.
  • to politically and financially support human rights defenders and women’s rights organisations in the EU and beyond.

Thank you for supporting women human rights defenders today.